vanilia truien en vesten

Combine timeless sweaters, cardigans, and sweaters for trendy looks

Vanilia sweaters, cardigans, and sweaters are timeless pieces of clothing that belong in every autumn wardrobe. They are stylish and not subject to fashion trends, making them last for years. But how do you combine these classic pieces into trendy looks, and which items should not be missing from your closet this year?

Knitted cardigans and sweaters

Knitted sweaters and cardigans are timeless and trendy in themselves. Although we can't imagine a world without knitted sweaters and cardigans, they are still seen this autumn with major players in the fashion world. With fine knitting, you know you'll be in style this year and in the years to come.


Give your sweaters a contemporary twist with layering. By adding different layers to classic sweaters and cardigans, you create a dynamic look. For example, wear a fitted turtleneck as the base layer of your sweater, or create an extra layer by combining your sweater with a matching cardigan. In the Vanilia autumn collection, you'll find various sweaters, cardigans, and cardigans to build your layers.

Half-zip sweaters

Half-zip sweaters have been around for over a hundred years. In the early days of zip-up sweaters, this style was worn as a sailor sweater and during winter sports, as the zipper allows for ventilation or wearing the sweater as a warm turtleneck. These classics keep coming back in new styles and materials. That's why you'll find different half-zip sweaters and a half-zip sailor sweater in our collection. Give your half-zip sweaters a modern look by combining them with culottes or a miniskirt.

Cashmere sweaters and cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans made from cashmere are the embodiment of timeless modernity in your autumn wardrobe. The soft material of cashmere is known for its unparalleled comfort and luxurious appearance. And that never goes out of style. A beautiful cashmere sweater or cardigan is an investment piece for now and later.


Another sweater trend this autumn, seen in knitted and cashmere pieces, is ajour. Ajour knitting is an age-old technique in which stitches are used to create openwork patterns. This is done by combining different stitches. As a result, a knitted cardigan or sweater with ajour work has an airy, refined, and delicate appearance.