Vanilia Reshare actie leger des heils

Thanks for all the donations! The fundraiser is over. The Reshare gift card can still be used until December 31.


At Vanilia, we are committed to making quality items that last for years. Taking care of your clothing and having it repaired when needed can extend the life of your wardrobe. If an item no longer fits properly, you can have it tailored in one of our ateliers. If there are certain items you never wear, you can always sell or donate them. 



The Salvation Army has been dedicated to helping both people and the planet for more than a century. Since its foundation, it has collected and redistributed used clothing under the name ReShare, the proceeds of which go towards the Salvation Army’s humanitarian work. ReShare makes people happy and contributes to a healthy environment by reducing the amount of new clothing produced and by destroying less used and recyclable clothing. ReShare also offers employment to those who have difficulty entering the regular job market. These colleagues help collect and sort the donated clothing and work in the ReShare stores, where the Salvation Army sells second-hand items at social prices.

Given that Vanilia shares these important values, a collaboration was inevitable. We are extremely proud of this partnership and routinely donate clothing that can be sold in the ReShare stores. 



1. Take a look at your wardrobe
Do you have Vanilia items you no longer wear? Make someone else happy with this!

2. Visit our boutique
You can hand in your old Vanilia items at one of our boutiques.


3. Give your item a second chance
We deliver the donations to ReShare who resell them in the stores.

4. Receive a €10.- shop voucher
As a thank you, you will receive a voucher for an item from the new collection.