“De Adelaar is the cornerstone of our organization, where craftsmanship is key.” - Michel (founder)


De Adelaar in Wormerveer is the beating heart of the Vanilia organization. This workspace exudes creativity and craftsmanship and has everything we need to create our collections. From design to logistics, we do everything ourselves. Except for production, of course, which we outsource to our atelier in Turkey. Our entire collection is designed and developed under one roof.


Our designers create twelve new collections a year, each one distinctly comfortable, functional, and luxurious.They are inspired by the world around them and frequently redesign Vanilia favourites.

Test lab

We are committed to creating beautiful designs with superior quality. All fabrics are extensively tested in our lab before they are incorporated into our collections.

Material purchasing

When purchasing fabrics, we focus on two things: quality and beauty. This department determines where the materials were made and whether more sustainable alternatives are available.


Patternmakers are practically obsolete in our industry. Fortunately, we have several highly skilled professionals at Vanilia who create patterns for us every day. In this department, all patterns are drawn and carefully measured down to the last millimetre before they are produced.

Sample atelier

Our sample atelier is where our designs come to life. Here, our tailors assemble the first designs stitch by stitch until they have created the perfect combination of fabric and fit.


We enjoy working close to home. In fact, we are one of the few fashion brands to create all of our collections from our very own production atelier in Turkey. For more than 25 years, our clothing has been made by experts with a passion for the craft. Thanks to this long-term collaboration, our colleagues know our signature Vanilia look and help us continue to improve every day.